Census 2020: The push is on to count every head in California. The stakes are huge.

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Miguel Sandoval remembers his mother telling him to hide in a bedroom in 2000, when U.S. Census takers came knocking on their door.

Sandoval was a child then. He isn’t hiding any more.

The Perris resident and U.S. citizen, 31, showed up on a recent Sunday for a training session about how to help people understand and respond to the Census. After getting some pointers about how to talk with the community about the Census, Sandoval set out with other volunteers to canvass nearby neighborhoods, encouraging people to fill out U.S. Census forms and answer their doors when the the head counters come knocking.

The volunteers rang Perris doorbells, passed out flyers, and even stood on a busy street corner next to a loud banda (wind and brass) – all to call attention to the 2020 U.S. Census.


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